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Activities & Interests 活動與興趣 

Dragon Boat Team 龍舟隊

To some of the robust members of the Association, the best way, as well as the most traditional way to celebrate Tuen Ng Festival is to participate in an ancient sport that can be dated back to centuries ago - the Dragon Boat Race! Under the enthusiastic and devoted leadership of Dr. Peter Cho-yiu Wong, the Hong Kong Medical Association Dragon Boat Team was born in 1990. 

The Dragon Boat Team takes part in numerous races, including the HKMA Dragon Boat Fun Day, as well as competitions held by professional bodies and districts.

Regular practices and whole-hearted performances in races, the team demonstrates excellent team spirit.

對健壯的醫學會會員而言,慶祝端午節的最好也是最傳統的方法,莫過於參加起源於千年前的古代體育運動 ─ 龍舟賽。在王祖耀醫生熱切的領導下,香港醫學會龍舟隊在1990年誕生。