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Charity Concert for SLE Patients

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病友趙家穎小姐3年前確診SLE。由於對SLE認識不深,一直將病徵誤以為生活壓力所致。後來因為持續發燒、臉部有一大片紅斑,以及母親的朋友是紅斑狼瘡症患者,始懷疑患有此病。在確診之後一直以正面的態度面對病情,她更重新去詮釋SLE 為'SMILING'、 'LEARNING' & 'EXERCISING’ 來鼓勵其他病患者勇敢面對疾病。









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主辦單位 Organized by:

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16 July 2017



Charity Concert for SLE Patients


The HKMA Charitable Foundation (the Foundation) will stage its Annual Charity Concert on on Sunday, 6 August 2017 at the Auditorium, Tsuen Wan Town Hall at 8:00 p.m.  The Regeneration Society was selected the beneficiary of the event.  All funds raised, WITHOUT deducting any cost, will be donated to Regeneration Society in support of their services for patients of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). The project aims to improve the physical and psychosocial wellness of SLE patients and their families through personalized counselling services, patient support groups, community education and promotion programmes.


Dr. CHOI Kin, the President of the Hong Kong Medical Association (HKMA) told that the HKMA, and later with the joint effort of the Foundation, had been raising funds for community projects and people in need for nearly 30 years through the public performances of its Choir and Orchestra.  Services not having any subvention were in need of public support particularly. Same as previous years, the HKMA would bear all production and administration expenses of the charity concert, which was estimated to cost over HK$120,000. 


Dr. LAM Tzit Yuen, David, the Chairman of the Foundation said that the Executive Council of the Foundation agreed unanimously to raise fund for SLE patients. SLE is a life threatening autoimmune disease which causes arthritis, nephritis and dermatosis and sometimes disfigurement on its sufferers. Patients with SLE are vulnerable to depression, anxiety and other emotional turmoil. The Regeneration Society has long been committed to promote mental health, and it was hoped that their services could help SLE patients to manage their emotional disturbance and walk through the time of hardship.  


Dr. Clarence CHOU, Chairman of Regeneration Society expressed gratitude towards the support of the HKMA and the Foundation for their project ‘Support with Love and Energy for the SLE patients’. The founder of Regeneration Society Dr. Margaret CHUNG was diagnosed with SLE during her pregnancy. Later, she established Regeneration Society with a group of passionate friends who shared the common aim to serve the chronically disabled. The Society was dedicated to promote optimistic and fruitful living style.  Various types of services, including patient support groups, counseling services, community education and promotion programs and educational seminars were provided in order to improve the physical and psychological wellness of patients.   


Mr. MAN was hit by pneumonia badly after being diagnosed with SLE at the age of 15.  Over the years, he has been suffering from frequent onset of inflammation. Fortunately, he was able to walk through the hard time with his strong belief and also with the care of the medical team. Since then he was inspired by them to serve other sufferers and actively taking part in the field of rehabilitation.


Ms. CHIU Ka Wing was diagnosed with SLE three years ago. She had no knowledge of the disease before and mistakenly thought the symptoms were induced by pressure. Not until she had sustained low fever for weeks and been alerted by her mother’s friend, who was also a SLE sufferer, she doubted if she had got the same disease. Ever since she was diagnosed with SLE, she faced her illness positively. Also, she gave a new interpretation for SLE as ‘SMILING, LEARNING & 'EXERCISING’ to encourage other fellows.



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