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Primary Care Support Initiative - KF94/N95 Mask Donation Program
25,000 Protective Masks Donated to Private Doctors
基層醫療抗疫行動—KF94/ N95口罩捐贈計劃

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基層醫療抗疫行動—KF94/ N95口罩捐贈計劃











今次的計劃喜獲英國阿斯利康藥廠贊助,阿斯利康(香港及澳門)總經理Gwenael Meneux感謝有關的安排,他表示:「我們盼藉著今次的活動善盡企業社會責任,能幫助社區的情況,了解醫學及病人團體的需要,希望疫情能盡快得以改善。」



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Primary Care Support Initiative - KF94/N95 Mask Donation Program

25,000 Protective Masks Donated to Private Doctors


[Hong Kong, 11 Feb 2020] Due to the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus, the local communities in Hong Kong are now experiencing a shortage of protective masks. It is reported that several private clinics are closed due to the lack of protective masks for medical professionals to conduct clinical consultations.


In light of the current climate, the Society for Innovative Healthcare Hong Kong (SIHHK) announces the launch of the program: ‘Primary Care Support Initiative - KF94/N95 Mask Donation Program’, in collaboration with The Hong Kong Medical Association (HKMA) and Hong Kong Doctors Union (HKDU). A total of 25,000 protective masks have been donated to private clinic doctors in order to mitigate the shortage of protective masks.


Eligible private clinic doctors can now obtain up to 10 pieces of KF94 masks (equivalent to N95 masks) for free by enrolling into the program online through the HKMA and HKDU. These masks are distributed at both HKMA's Wanchai and HKDU's Yaumatei locations. Solo practice doctors are given priority. SIHHK hopes to sustain the services of private clinics through this program.


‘With the shortage of masks and the incredible stress placed on the government in regard to the Novel Coronavirus at the moment, this program aims to sooth the   critical situation that Hong Kong is currently facing. We would like to thank HKMA and HKDU for their proactive support which has enabled the speedy execution of this program.’ said Dr Liu Shao-haei, President of SIHHK.


‘We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the launch of this program. We understand private doctors’ need for masks. This program is instrumental in alleviating the immediate stress placed on the doctors.’ said Dr Ho Chung-ping, President of HKMA. ‘Private clinic doctors need to treat patients with protective gear. We hope the program can help.’ HKDU President Dr Yeung Chiu-fat Henry added.


This program is supported by AstraZeneca. Mr Gwenael Meneux, General Manager of AstraZeneca HK and Macau, said, ‘We are constantly learning the needs of the medical professionals as well as the patients to better serve our local community. Through this corporate social responsibility program to sustain the operations of private clinics, we do hope to support the HCPs in this critical situation of coronavirus outbreak.’


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Photo Caption: The Society of Innovative Healthcare Hong Kong, Hong Kong Medical Association, Hong Kong Doctors Union and AstraZeneca Hong Kong joined hands in donating 25,000 masks to private doctors in the community.