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HKMA Responds to the Call of Vaccination














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12 May 2021

HKMA Responds to the Call of Vaccination


Vaccines are currently the best and most effective way to avoid COVID-19 diseases, which could significantly protect one from infection and reduce severe symptoms on infected people. As the largest doctor body in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Medical Association (HKMA) has been committed to providing the general public with information and advice related to COVID-19 vaccines. Today, Dr. CHOI Kin, the President of the HKMA, took the initiative and received his COVID-19 vaccination at the Education Bureau Kowloon Tong Education Services Centre, in the hope of encouraging more citizens to get vaccinated.  Mr. Patrick NIP Tak-kuen, Secretary for the Civil Service, also came to the centre to support Dr. CHOI.


During the media session, Dr. CHOI restated his support in mass vaccination to achieve herd immunity, and with the growing number of scientific and clinical evidence on the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines, the citizens should put their trust in science and get inoculated as soon as possible. As for chronic patients, it is recommended that they conduct body checking and consult their doctors before deciding to be immunised.


Dr. CHOI pointed out that the low vaccination rate in Hong Kong was directly linked to the lack of public trust in related anti-pandemic policies, and multiple missteps in border control had caused several waves of outbreaks in the past. Although the Government had introduced incentives such as "vaccine bubbles" to attract citizens to get their jabs, these measures were too complicated and not attractive enough to increase the vaccination rate further. Dr. CHOI reiterated that the Government must remain stringent in regard to the quarantine measures for inbound travellers and pay close attention to the global pandemic outbreak to prevent overseas viruses from entering Hong Kong.  Otherwise, even if Hong Kong achieved herd immunity, the virus would still breach through, and society as a whole would have to bear grave consequences.


With the prevalence of the pandemic and the rising threat of the mutated virus, the public must understand that there is no easy way out of this pandemic, and vaccines are our only hope to combat the COVID-19 virus. The HKMA urges the public to get vaccinated as soon as possible to protect themselves and others, and continue to stay vigilant and be persistent in infection control, such as wearing mask properly and maintaining social distancing, and take precautions against the disease as far as possible.




Notes to editors: The Hong Kong Medical Association, founded in 1920, aims to bring together Hong Kong's government, institutional, university and private medical practitioners for an effective exchange of views and co-ordination of efforts.  The foremost objective of the Association is to safeguard and promote public health.  The Association speaks collectively for its members and aims to keep its members abreast of medical ethics, issues and advances around the world.  In fulfilling these goals, the association hopes to better serve the people of Hong Kong.


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