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The Hong Kong Medical Association News


The Hong Kong Medical Association News is the only publication that carries the following information to over 10,000 members of the Association :

  • Articles on current medical issues
  • News on medical services and seminars
  • Insights on development of the health delivery systems
  • Advice on medical ethics and practices
  • Reports and announcements on membership facilities and services
  • Opinion surveys on medical and related issues
  • Advertisements such as vacancies, offices available, etc.


Readers of the HKMA News are mainly registered medical practitioners, including private practitioners, doctors working in the Government departments, University Clinical Units as well as those in the private and public hospitals.


The readership is, therefore, a prime target for advertiser of:

  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Medical and surgical equipment
  • Medical and related support services provider
  • Medical manpower recruitment
  • Insurance and income protection schemes
  • Travel and leisure services
  • Consumer goods
  • All other products and services related to the medical profession


For further information and booking of advertising space, please contact:

The Hong Kong Medical Association

5th Floor, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building,

15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.

Tel: 2527 8285

Fax: 2865 0943



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