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Activities & Interests 活動與興趣 

Trailwalker 毅行者

The HKMA Trailwalkers have been participating in Trailwalker since 1994. The number of participants has increased from a teams of 4 persons in 1994 to 20 team of 4 persons in 2004. Trailwalker is a charitable event, over the years, they have raised over HK$20 million for the needy, the handicapped and the underprivileged to develop their best potentials in live, through improving education, medical care and rehabilitation services.

Every year, the HKMA Trailwalkers test their body and mind to the limit by finishing the 100 km of MacLehose Trail non-stop from Pak Tam Chung at Sai Kung to the Tai Tong at Yuen Long. It is captivating and it may be one of those experiences that many change their understanding of human nature and the meaning of their very existence, for the better. Although the walk causes pain, blisters and bruised nails, quite a few of the trailwalkers are doing it again and again. Participants have 48 hours to complete the walk. The fastest team can run the 100 km in around 14 hours.


To prepare for the strenuous walk, the HKMA trailwalkers start to practice in July every year. Should you wish to take the challenges or just to join the practices, you are most welcome to contact the HKMA Secretariat at 2527 8285 for the practising schedule.


毅行者每年一度接受體力及心智考驗,以最佳時間完成全長一百公里的麥理浩徑 ─ 由西貢北潭涌至元朗大棠。雖然行程充滿傷、痛,不少毅行者仍年復年地參與,皆因此活動可令其獲得人生一寶貴經驗,亦可能改變他們對生命的領悟及體會。所有毅行者必須於四十八小時內完成一百公里的麥理浩徑,最快隊伍約須十四小時便可行畢全程。

香港醫學會毅行者於每年的七月開始為此活動作出準備及練習,如有興趣接受挑戰或參與練習,可致電香港醫學會秘書處〈電話: 2527 8285〉查詢詳情。