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The HKMA’s Stance in the Discussion of MCHK on the Facilitation for Full Registration of Qualified Non-locally Trained Doctors in Hong Kong
香港醫學會對於醫務委員會討論 協助非本地培訓的醫生來港執業的立場

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8 May 2019


The HKMA’s Stance in the Discussion of MCHK on the Facilitation for

Full Registration of Qualified Non-locally Trained Doctors in Hong Kong


The Legal Adviser to MCHK has given his legal opinion (“the Legal Advice”) on 3 Motions received by the MCHK, including the motion proposed by Dr. CHOI Kin and supported by the HKMA.


HKMA has sought legal advice from Mayer Brown on the Legal Advice.  It is Mayer Brown’s Advice that the Legal Adviser has misinterpreted the meaning of Dr. Choi’s motion.  In various parts of the Legal Advice, the Legal Adviser merely gave his adverse views on Dr. Choi’s motion without giving any explanation to justify these views.  Mayer Brown rejects the comments in the Legal Advice that Dr. Choi’s motion is irrational, unreasonable and has taken into account irrelevant considerations.  


The HKMA reiterates that Dr. Choi’s motion is a proposal to strike a balance between trying to solve the problem of shortage of doctor manpower in the public sector on the one hand, and protecting patients’ safety by upholding the professional standards of doctors on the other hand.  The objective and rationale of Dr. Choi’s motion is to echo the recommendations made in the Chapter 5 of the Strategic Review on Healthcare Manpower Planning and Professional Development Report of 2017.


The HKMA deems that the proposed 18-month full-time employment requirement which applies to all non-locally trained doctors who have passed Licensing Examination (LE) will form a solid basis for maintaining professional standard and safeguarding patients’ safety.  We regret to note that Dr Choi’s motion was referred as “arbitrary and/or discriminatory”, with “irrelevant considerations” and “no rational basis” in the absence of justification whatsoever.


HKMA has reviewed and accepted Mayer Brown’s Advice which will be submitted by the HKMA representative to the MCHK and the Government for their reference. 



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