Community Network & Services 社區網絡

Central Coordinators



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Dr. Pierre CHAN 


Dr. CHENG Chi Man


Dr. YEUNG Hip Wo, Victor




The community networks built in the districts during the outbreak of SARS in 2003 to support the health education activities and community health services at the district level. The Central Coordinators help on liaisons with the Hospital Authority, the Department of Health, the Home Affairs Bureau and Department, the Education Bureau as well as various non-governmental organizations to facilitate the development of the networks in different districts. As each district has its own strength and opportunities, they are encouraged to develop programmes to fit the need of the community there. The Central Coordinators help on resources development to support these programmes.




Terms of Reference

  • To organize continuous medical education (CME) activities for members;

  • To enhance public private interface (PPI);

  • To promote public health education in serving the community with quality health care.



  • 為會員舉辦持續醫學進修課程;

  • 促進公私營協作計劃;

  • 推廣公眾健康教育,提升市民健康水平。