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Stay Vigilant against COVID-19
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28 May 2020



Stay Vigilant against COVID-19


In the past few weeks, the situation of COVID-19 in Hong Kong became stabilized, many people have relaxed their caution since then.  The Hong Kong Medical Association (HKMA) held a press conference today with The Hong Kong Society for Infectious Diseases, Hong Kong Doctors Union, The Association of Licentiate of Medical Council of Hong Kong and Association of Private Medical Specialists of Hong Kong to remind the public to be persistent in infection control, wear mask in public places, wash hands frequently, and avoid going to crowded places.


The HKMA President Dr HO Chung Ping urged members of the public to stay vigilant against COVID-19 and prevent further transmission in the community. Dr. Ho said “As the epidemic settle down, the HKSAR Government relaxed the social distancing measures, and the servicing industry gradually resume business, there is a looming risk of a new wave of outbreak. The general public should remain alert, and take precautions against the disease as far as possible.”


Dr. Ho also expressed that early detection and isolation of infected persons is crucial in containing the infectious disease. He encouraged more primary care doctors to make use of the "Enhanced Laboratory Surveillance for COVID-19 in GPs" to strengthen infection control at community level and minimize the risk of community transmission.  People presenting with fever or respiratory symptoms could approach their family doctors for referral for COVID-19 tests.  They could then collect the deep throat saliva specimens at home by themselves and send to any one of the 13 collection clinics of the Department of Health or the 18 GOPCs of Hospital Authority.  Laboratory reports could now be faxed to the requesting doctors directly on the next working day, avoided unnecessary steps and charges. He hoped for more extensive use of the surveillance, facilitating effective detection of community cases.


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Notes to editors:

The Hong Kong Medical Association, founded in 1920, aims to bring together Hong Kong's government, institutional, university and private medical practitioners for an effective exchange of views and co-ordination of efforts.  The foremost objective of the Association is to safeguard and promote public health.  The Association speaks collectively for its members and aims to keep its members abreast of medical ethics, issues and advances around the world.  In fulfilling these goals, the association hopes to better serve the people of Hong Kong.


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